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I obtained the next footage and story from a girl named Amanda who defined: “I used to be given some rocks that had belonged to my grandfather who handed away lengthy earlier than I used to be born. This one was in his assortment and I used to be instructed that it was present in Missouri or the Mississippi River space within the Nineteen Fifties. Each approach you flip it’s a completely different story picture. I see the best eye lacking entrance, cranium/faces within the again, with a mammoth print on the highest, a mammoth sculpture on the facet, they usually additionally used the guts form in 2 completely different areas.”

So let’s have a look right here at these first two views of the identical rock, the components that appear like a face effigy, for my part. The suggestion of eyes, a nostril, and a mouth appear fairly clear to me. I’m not a rock artwork professional, and am solely sharing what Amanda has despatched to me; if anybody on the market has any ideas or experience on what she has right here, please share within the feedback part under.

face effigy rock found in Missouri in the 1950s
Two views of the identical rock face effigy present in Missouri within the Nineteen Fifties.

Right here’s two extra views of the identical rock, from completely different angles, and I can see a few of what Amanda is explaining, so far as the suggestion of an animal form under left; what I’m seeing is a head, torso, and the looks of a tail, however that’s simply my interpretation. I’m assuming that’s the “mammoth” imagery that she talked about. Beneath proper I undoubtedly see the general coronary heart form that the rock suggests from this angle, however inside the rock’s floor I additionally suppose the darkish type within the center appears to be like just like the suggestion of a foot print, with toes throughout the highest and the heel on the backside …? Once more, that’s my very own interpretation, what do you suppose?

rock art found in the 1950s
Two extra views of the identical rock, seen from completely different angles.

I’m unsure what I’m seeing in these footage under, however I’ll embrace them right here since they’re extra views of the identical rock, possibly different folks on the market will see issues that I don’t. At any fee, that is one among many examples the place folks write to me and inform me they see a number of photos of various issues on the identical stone, it’s a standard notion that individuals share.

rock art that grandpa found in the 1950s
Two extra views of the identical rock from completely different angles – what do you see right here?

Simply to be thorough, I’ll embrace the final 2 footage – once more, all the identical rock, as seen from completely different angles – as offered by Amanda, whose grandfather discovered this a long time in the past. What are you seeing right here? Does anybody else see the suggestion of a small cranium within the decrease left image, within the high left facet of it? In some methods, I can see that little cranium, however then step again and it turns into a watch form to match the opposite bulge on the best facet with the nostril and horizontal mouth form. I might love to listen to what any of you concentrate on all of those completely different views of the identical stone.

rock art with different views, found in the 1950s
Two extra views of the identical rock; do you see the suggestion of a small cranium on the left facet?