Why You Ought to Take Progress Pictures of Your Work

I’ve taken progress photographs of virtually each portray I’ve created over the previous seven years. This has been a useful behavior. Not solely does it remind me how every portray got here collectively, however it additionally helps me remedy issues that come up in my work.

Typically a portray shall be coming collectively properly… till it’s not. Sooner or later within the portray, issues took a flip for the more serious with out me noticing. I’m certain you realize the sensation.

That is the place progress photographs come in useful. I can look again via the images on my cellphone and see the place it began to go fallacious. Maybe there was a tough edge that I by chance softened; maybe I launched a colour that doesn’t work; or maybe my brushwork bought sloppy. Regardless of the case, it’s useful to know what went fallacious and when. I may not be capable of return to that time, however the perception will assist me provide you with an answer.

One other profit is having the ability to have a look at progress photographs of your present work between periods once you’re away from the easel. I do that usually with difficult work that run over a number of periods. I’ll sometimes lie in mattress earlier than I fall asleep, have a look at the latest progress shot, and ponder my subsequent strikes. This enables me to start out the following session with momentum and an thought of what to do.

Anyway, hope you discovered this beneficial.

Variety regards

Dan Scott